Monster Microfibre - The Guzzler Drying - Auto Fresh Detailing

Monster Microfibre - The Guzzler Drying

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The Guzzler Drying Towel is a beast of a towel and the ideal product for soaking up copious amounts of water with ease. This is a premium heavy weight waffle weave microfibre designed specifically for drying. 

This towel is huge with over 6 sq ft. of absorbent microfibre which quickly and effortlessly removes water from the surface of the paint. Manufactured from 500gsm waffle weave cloth this towel isn't just big it's also very gentle on the paint reducing the changes of inflicting scratches and swirls.

Each towel measures: 100cm x 60cm (40" x 24") Drying Towel and comes with a free Minster Microfiber Sticker

Monster Microfibre - The Guzzler Waffle Weave Drying Towel